Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tak, CNN, for some great advice....

We are never too old to learn.
All of us with blogs should take the time to read this article. 

How to respond to online haters

  • A good and bad thing about the Internet is that it encourages everyone to have an opinion
  • Unfriend passive-aggressive Facebookers who aren't really your friends
  • As a general rule, don't engage trolls who send you a mean e-mail or flame you on your blog

Like I said, I'm never too old to learn.

I should have never written the "disclaimers" that I did on the last immigration post (and have, in fact, removed them). I am as guilty of inciting conflict as many others. But it stops now.

I have many opinions about Denmark, about Immigration and about the responsibility of Immigrants and will continue to post them in my blog (as the issues arise). 

Otherwise I will stick to the main content of my blog which is simply OBSERVATIONS and LEARNINGS about the Danish Life and HOW TO FIND THE GOOD in this place I call home--- Mads and Kelli....en lille smule Texas i Danmark. 


Nina Ø said...

I agree. I get really negative comments from someone named Dude and Return of the Dude (probably the same person) every time I say something positive about Denmark. I finally just deleted all his comments.

Anonymous said...

I always read your post...even though i never write any comments because of my english skill...

I agree with you that we are never too old to learn.

I will always love to read your opinion about Denmark, about Immigration and about the responsibility of Immigrants ....

If there is someone who does not like that and writes nasty comment then just ignore her .

I quote this from star "

" You never get involved in a pig fight," "If you do, three things happen: you get dirty, you get tired, and only the pig has fun "

I will assume that the hater is the pig here...

MoMo 2.0 said...

Anon--your quote about the pigs is PERFECT! Thank you for sharing that...

And I hope to keep writing things that you find to be helpful/relevant !