Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finding my niche....

1. I love my job.  More than I can really describe.

2. In my other "PDL" (pre-Denmark life), I was always involved in leadership type activities--both professionally and in my volunteer life. I am sure that is what eventually led to my wanting to become a principal. 

3. I never expected to be able to do any type of leadership activities in my professional life in Denmark; being a newcomer to a country means that you have to start from scratch in a lot of ways and that is ok. So I knew that my "roles" in life would change, but that was ok!

I have been thinking a lot about this new school year and what my workday will look like starting in August. And I have realized that my expectation in #3 has shifted slightly; actually it has shifted a great deal because of 3 things that are happening to me in a matter of weeks.

1. I have the HONOR of being a mentor teacher to one of the new English teachers on staff this year. I have been a mentor to others numerous times before, but in a system that I intimately knew and understood. However being given this honor in Denmark validates that fact that I am getting to the point that I really do know what I am doing here. :-) 

2. I have been named a team leader for one of our new incoming 1g. teams. I never expected this to happen because of my Danish language deficiencies, but lo and behold...someone must think I (and my Danish) am up to the task. :-) And that is a great feeling! 

3. I get to "open" the International Student Center of Region Midtjylland (see post HERE) which is based on an idea that I had and which was approved from an application that I wrote... talk about feeling empowered. Someone believed in my idea enough to put a great deal of money and support behind it. And that feels better than I can ever begin to explain! 

Me, a foreigner. A non-Dane. An expat.
But a person who has really found her niche as an expat in Herning, Denmark.

So don't sell yourself short when you move to a new country just because your geography changes. Keep doing what you do well and someone will eventually recognize it so that your gifts and strengths can be used to make a contribution to this new country of yours. 
I am proof that it DOES happen! 


PiNG aka Patti said...

I am so proud of you and what you have achieved in such a short time. Knowing you personally means that I also know nothing has been handed to you and that you have worked, hard, for all of these things. Your dedication is unbelievable. Tillykke!

Skogkjerring said...

WOW, wonderful news Kelli!! Well deserved as well, you´ve worked hard to fit in and it´s great advice you give other expats! Good job my friend!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Kelli! All of those students and new staff members that you will be leading/mentoring are pretty lucky to have you, I would say. You are so inspiring to us fellow expats! Hope you are enjoying your time in Texas.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful inspiration (i thrive on stories like this!). i currently haven't made friends here outside of my Norwegian "family"...which is fine for now since im busy traveling this month and settling, but i hope soon to adjust and meet some people to hang out with who have similar interests as me. but, while im confident about meeting people, my biggest concern hasn't been so much that...but more so finding comfort levels and challenges in my job. i have alot of education and don't want to sell myself short working a tedious and unchallenging job. i also wanna be happy at my job! this is proof that it is possible despite where you live :)

Alex said...

This is so heartening. :)