Monday, July 25, 2011

The Simple Things

I am a simple girl.
Really, I am.
I do not need flashy or expensive things; nor do I need people to do fancy things for me.
And the older I get and the longer I live away from the US, I have truly learned to appreciate the little things of life.

Being with my parents and Jess this week has been awesome, but not because we did anything fancy or magnificent. Basically, we just hung out.
We watched some great shows together.
And ran errands together.
And talked about both serious stuff and inconsequential stuff together.
What mattered the most was the TALKING.
And it was awesome.

Eggo waffles with peanut butter and syrup!
To a girl with no tub in DK, this is HEAVEN!

And although these things would have been enough to make this trip EXCEPTIONAL, there were a couple of things that just added to the wonderfulness of it.... they were, as we say in Texas, "The Gravy"!!


Mel u said...

More and more it seems to me part of the secret of happiness is the ability to cherish small things

Anonymous said...

Simples things are the best in life!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss the talking and cozy family time when away.

Unknown said...

OMG I am dying to get in the bubble bath with my book. It was a long nearly 8 months with no tub in DK!

nettielouise said...

Peanut butter and syrup on waffles? Have not tried that one...might need to investigate.