Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Texas Observations

Every time I come back home to Texas for a visit, I seem to LOOK AROUND and NOTICE things a lot more than when I lived here. I am sure that is the case for anyone that moves away....

So this means that of course my camera accompanied me each time I drove somewhere, each time I went shopping and even each time I sat at a red light! So here are a few of the SIGHTS from "Texas, July 2011".

Picture 1:  This was at the checkout stand at a local shop-- yes, these are worms and yes, the salesman said that people buy these! This confirms that Texans will eat anything that says "BBQ Flavored"! 

  Picture 2:  Texas freeways & mix-masters (which I used to love) FREAK ME OUT now. When these kinds of roads and bumper to bumper traffic is not a part of your daily life, you really do forget how to keep your stress down when driving in it! 

 Picture 3:  This proves that Texas                        Picture 4:  No one believes         
Roadhouse employees must be desperate              me when I tell them that          
for work because on this day when I saw               it is STILL HOT during the 
this guy standing on the corner in College               nights in Texas. Well, here 
Station, it was 104F.                                           is your proof. This was at 

Picture 5: This is documented proof 
that the word "y'all" IS a word! 

 Picture 6:
This picture actually freaked me out a bit.             
Are they really selling SPANX for MEN????               
And do they come in different forms like "beer belly spanx" ???
   Picture 7:
You might want to click on this one to get
the full effect!  This is a sign outside of Cabella's, an outdoorsy store in Allen.  And yes, the sign says just what you think it says! I am just really curious about how  this works! Do you just walk in the front door with your COACH Handbag in one hand and your used shotgun in the other?!                                                              


Anonymous said...

Just like a car. Gotta get a new gun at some point so why not do a trade in! Jesper is preparing for his gun license after our vacation. He is so excited. I am too cause I miss shooting really...I'm sure he and I will compete on that too. He claims to be Texan now...before American and a Dane of course. hahaha.
And it hasn't been this hot at night until the last couple of weeks. Nice to take a night dip in the pool!

Anonymous said...

spanx for men?! LOLLLLLLLLLL

and i laughed so hard when i clicked on the photo of the cabela's sign. ohhh the things you DONT see up in our part of the world currently LOL!

Unknown said...

I am noticing so many more 'new' things since my return home too. A post is in the process.