Saturday, July 2, 2011

This week in pictures

No matter where you live, you should always do three things when you leave your house:
1) Look at EVERY person you pass;
2) Pay attention to the small things; and
3) Always have your camera with you!

You never know WHAT you will see on the streets of Denmark!
I kept an eye out for the owner, but he never came....

Even the menus can give you some entertainment...
"How to do Tequila Shots" på dansk!

The last line on this sign says "Toilet Besøg" (Toilet Visit)
and yes, I paid the 10kroner to use this
family's bathroom to avoid using the Port-a-potties
I couldn't get the best photo without the man noticing me, but that giant thing
sticking out from his bike is his FISHING POLE...
and next to that, a bag of today's catch! 

I never get tired of seeing "one more castle" in Denmark..... Egeskov Slot on Fyn.
You should visit it

I saw this guy while I was waiting in line at the Kommune Office
(and yes, he was a Dane!) but he was super proud of his SAN FRAN
gear from the jersey, to the jacket, and even his hat! But
of course, he completed the outfit with his "træsko" (wooden clogs)...Only in DK!

Most of the pictures this week made me grin....
but this one made me a little sad.... I am so used to seeing this parking
lot FILLED with students' bikes...
but no will be filled again in about six weeks! 


borginz said...

Kelly, you are a special person. :) (Boris)

Anonymous said...

lol! i always take my camera everywhereeee...

and i really wanna make a trip to denmark just to see castles like that if nothing else! it is beautiful!