Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Denmark,

I love talking with folks who have just arrived to you....especially when it is their first time here. They are so curious and filled with wonderment, so it is always fun to wait and hear what all of their initial questions will be.

I experienced this on Sunday night when I picked up our two visiting instructors from Seattle. Of course they wanted to know more about the things we have in store for them while they are here, but those questions were not the first ones they asked.

Our conversation during the drive from the airport back to Herning covered topics such as:
  • Their curiosity about how expensive things really are here (based on what they had heard about you!)
  • Lots of questions about my car and if it was common for everyone to have a car... and lord have mercy, when I told them the US Dollar amount that our car cost (because of the 180% tax), I thought they were going to faint! 
  • Food questions... are the Danes healthier eaters than Americans and what kinds of food products are common? Yes, I felt compelled to amaze them with the stats about how many pigs are slaughtered each day at the Danish Crown location across from our street...  The Danes do love their pork!
  • Interest in the gymnasium model and wondering if it was more like an American high school or the US' Community College model? Three years ago I would have told them it was like high school, but now I know better! 
  • The weather... of course! Already worrying (due to the VERY CHILLY AIR that met them on the way to my car) that perhaps they had not brought the right clothes. I assured them we would find something WATERPROOF for them to wear during their time here! 
There were many other things we discussed during that drive and in the days since then, but I have to tell you, Denmark, the coolest part is not the QUESTIONS they have had.....
but the fact that I HAVE ANSWERS! :-)  I love that I know so much about you now, after only 3 1/4 years and that I can talk to people about you like you really are my home! 

So far their time here is going really well, but they did want to let you know that they are VERY familiar with rain since they come from Seattle, so any time you want to STOP showing the Danish rain to them, that will be just fine!



Anonymous said...

That's so cool - now the shoe is on the other foot. Not so long ago you had the questions, now you have the answers! I like that.

Anonymous said...

i should tell bergen to shop raining, then we'd really have a miracle :) i hope they are loving it there!

Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living said...

I think that's great you feel so Danish now. Sometimes I feel it would take me a while to fit in Paris again. Denmark not such a problem, but Paris and their habits would be.
I'd like you to comment on the tips I wrote on GM's blog about kids going to college in the US since your daughter is there. Dave, the regional west coast manager of GM wrote from the perspective of a dad sending his daughter to college, I wrote from that of a mom with sons. Would love if you have other tips or comments. Thanks.