Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flensburg... more than just a run to the border!

I have been to Flensburg, Germany MANY times, but most of those trips involve 2 stops--One is at the Scandinavian Park Supercenter to buy beer and soda and the other at Citti-Park, the Wal-mart-ish grocery store that has lots of products that are "American-ish".   But a few weeks ago we decided to do more than just buy groceries across the border, so we spent the day in Flensburg checking things out and discovered it is a VERY COZY city! It has the "feel" of Denmark because there are so many Danish families living there so of course there are Danish shops and you hear Danish on the streets. And did you know that where Flensburg, Germany is on the map that used to actually BE Denmark?
All you have to do is look down those little side streets to see all the Danish influence tucked into this Germany city. It is definitely a city that we will go back and explore some more the next time we "make a run for the border".  I have a feeling there is a lot of history to be discovered there! 

It really is a cozy place.... and you never know what you will find as you sit and people watch! 
The old buildings have, in my opinion, a real Danish feel to them!

Even the "boardwalk" has Danes on it.... Look closely! 

And I am NOT sure if these folks were Danes or Germans... All I know is that these guys should definitely have called each other ahead of time! 

When you are in a European city, you should ALWAYS look to the right and left because there are so many hidden jewels down those tiny side streets that are not always on the map! And I learned in Flensborg that besides looking left and right....

you should also always look up. You never know WHAT you will find! 


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picturesque and quaint place!

PiNG aka Patti said...

I like the shopping street in Flensburg - wandered up and down there a few times!

And hi kitty!

HOLMES said...


Anonymous said...

its great you have a hidden gem like this right across the border!

when i was visiting lithuania we were going to cross the border into poland and what i learned about the towns at the border is that they used to be part of lithuania and mostly have lithuanias living there. i thought it was kind of neat :) in fact, my great grandma was one who was born in poland at a border town, but never learned polish, only lithuanian and had parents from lithuania. sorry...random LOL! but we never went to poland.