Thursday, August 11, 2011


I don't know exactly what it is, but there is something very special about this city that I call home. I have some theories about what makes it so great, but I am conducting a little informal research before I draw any conclusions.

But I just want to go on record today, 11 August 2011, as saying that I LOVE living in Herning, Denmark. I never worry, even though I am an UDLÆNDING (aka FOREIGNER), about things that I fear many newcomers to DK worry about.....

  • Such as joining in something in the community
  • Walking out of my house as ME (the Texan) without having to pretend to be Danish
  • Proposing an idea for something that I think might improve an existing thing/idea
  • Telling someone when I don't understand something 
  • Making a "fool" of myself in front of folks as a part of a fun time (like we did at Cabaret)
Those are just the little things I have thought about this week because every day that I show up at work, I realize how happy I am. I wish every foreigner in Denmark could have this experience....maybe if they all moved to Herning? :-) 

There is just something about community and its openness to new things..... 
But like I said, I am conducting a little research and see what conclusions I can come up with...


Tina M Cella said...

I couldn't agree more - there is definitely something special about Herning!
I personally think it's the people - eventhough it is a small city people are very tolerant, open-minded and pleasant. At least, that's my overall experience :-)
And the city has pretty much everything eventhough it is small - I love that

Anonymous said...

It's so great that you have found that sense of home!

Anonymous said...

totally random, but britney spears is even coming to herning for a concert...which means it must be something special (ok...i admit im a huge britney fan.....)