Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just another family

I know I am a dork, but this photo was in yesterday's Herning Folkeblad---
Denmark's Royal Family.
I just love seeing things related to the royal family, especially pics like this, 
where they all look just regular folks! 

To see three generations of rulers of the Danish monarchy (Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, and Prince Christian) all sitting there, in regular clothes (and even a pair of Converse!) is to me, a really cool thing! 

And in my opinion, as a still pretty new resident of Denmark, 
I think they are awesome ambassadors of the country. 


Anonymous said...

The Danish Royal family happen to be one of the oldest royal houses in Europe! And it has to be said that Mary is the most beautiful princess in Europe too! Marie is a close second. Alexander was also beautiful, and she was from Hong Kong. Which makes it not only the coolest, oldest royal family in the world, but also the most international. We have Hong Kong, we have France and we have Austrailia too (although Mary is known to be of Scottish decent so we can also say we have Scottish).

All in all, Denmark's royal family is the best in the world and makes us proud to be Danish. How many other heirs to the throne would you find wearing sneakers? Not many I bet.

Jennie said...

I use to think they were pretty cool too, but not any more. There is no place for this classism in society anymore, and it's so paradoxical that socialist countries like the ones in Scandinavia still have these tribal remnants. I've made allowances before, but after the Queen made some truly idiotic statements about global warming a few weeks ago, I'd prefer she at least step down. Royalists listen to what she says, which basically means she shouldn't utter a word, and then what's the point of having her at all? They're accountable for a lot of tourism money though, that's for sure.

Unknown said...

Just coming from a country that has never had that historical legacy of royalty, just having a royal family in my new home is SO NEAT!
I don't know if I'll ever get over it...that's just the American in me, I guess. LOL

What I think is the neatest is that the Scandinavian royals especially really just seem like REAL people. They aren't far removed from the rest of society like American politicians or even celebrities! It's really awesome. :)

lisa said...

The men in this family are yummy too. Must be the clean Danish air.

I will admit that I fell for the Danish family after visiting and reading more about them. More interesting than I realized--- and that is coming from a history junkie

PiNG aka Patti said...

I admit, I'm a fan. Call me a royalist if you will.

Unknown said...

I love all things Royal, whether it be the British Roalys, or the Danish ones. This casual family photo of them is so lovely.