Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paid to travel and learn?? CRAZY!!

I am in the research and foundation stage of the new project that I am so happy to be coordinating! 
"Det Internationale Elevcenter" is just about up and running!
And by that I mean that the center ALMOST has a logo...
It ALMOST has a webpage...
and it ALMOST has a coordinator that knows what she is doing on a daily basis! 

I am afraid that the logo and webpage will be ready LONG before my knowledge base develops to the level that it needs to, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?!

One of my biggest tasks is to research what is ALREADY in place for the gymnasium-level students in Denmark. Rather than recreating the wheel, I want to tap into the internationalization that is already happening throughout the country and then build upon that.

The first item I have been researching (because I know so little about it) is S.U. (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte /The country's support for education) and the more I read.....
the more I sit here with my jaw dropped....

unable to fully comprehend how much Denmark's financial system is willing to invest in its students. 

Which if you are a country whose #1 export is knowledge, it certainly makes sense.

Of course I knew that from age 18-25, a student can get a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, which allows many of them to not work (or not work too many hours) while they are studying.  But now I am finding out that there is a great deal of money available to these same students who want to take part of their education abroad. 

You want to take a semester in New Zealand or Japan as a part of your education? 
Well finances are not going to be the reason that you don't go... The Danish government ensures that. In fact quite a large part of their information on SU actually encourages students to go abroad for part of their education.

THEY WANT their future work force to be internationally-minded with a global perspective and they are willing to invest tax dollars (I mean, kroner) to do it.

I am just amazed.
And cannot wait to start the "rådgivning" (advising) of Det Internationale Elevcenter with real live students.


Anonymous said...

Lucky lucky students. Such a great initiative!

Anonymous said...

ok definitely need a program like this specifically for ME. i would have LOVED this!!!!!!

and PS: i was just presenting to some norwegians moving to america (houston, tx to be exact) informally about lifestyle in the US and houston. i was hired by a company that statoil (gas/oil company) here hired. it was fun and some pretty easy money!

hope you're having a great wednesday!!!

Unknown said...

I THINK Norway is the same way... just crossing my fingers that my kiddos are going to be able to take full advantage of it...
Your project sounds so exciting!

Archaeogoddess said...

What drives me up the wall are the students who take it for granted, and even complain that it's not enough money! On student whined to me that she could only go out one night a week to go drinking with friends! Seriously? Do NOT whine to me, overly-entitled Danish student, about the "cost" of education when it doesn't cost you, who have never worked, a darn øre! *grrrr* I'd just love to send them to the US to work late nights as a waiter/tress to cover the cost of their classes and books, rent, food, and bills! And required to be happy, perky, and above all, fast, in order to get those tips - without which your wages won't even cover a week's worth of groceries!

Unknown said...

Oh how I envy this aspect of the Danish social system!