Monday, September 5, 2011

Here come the politicians

Today at Herning Gymnasium there will be no classes during the second and third modules (9:30-12:15) because we have guests coming... Eight of them, in fact.  Each visitor represents one of the 8 political parties and each is a candidate in next week's national election. They are coming as a part of the Campaign circuit that is currently going on all over Denmark, but in my opinion, the fact that they are coming to the Gymnasium is Incredibly Cool! And the fact that our school leadership team decided to set aside 2 teaching modules for this event is AWESOME.

We had our weekly assembly yesterday to inform the students about the schedule of events for today as well as the names of which candidates will be visiting us....and then the students were charged with the task of beginning to think about which questions they might want to pose to the candidates today.

The three topics that are being covered are ØKONOMI (finance), UDDANNELSE (education), and my favorite.... UDLÆNDINGE (foreigners). The students will get to hear from EVERY party throughout the sessions so regardless of whom their parents support, they get an up close and personal chance to really hear about the various platforms, beliefs, and values of each party which will help them make informed decisions when it is time to vote next Thursday. 

Since I cannot vote in national elections, I will not be attending all of the sessions, but I am sure you can guess which topic I WILL be attending and with which party....

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TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Man, is Europe light years ahead in forward thinking and well rounded education!? Pretty cool. You will have to let us know how it all goes!