Thursday, September 1, 2011

Messages from God???

Don't you just love when politicians (especially as elections draw near) blame credit their ideas as inspiration from God?
Or does it make you have that little taste of throw-up in your mouth as it does me?

Well this is one time that Denmark and the US are TIED for which one is most ridiculous spiritual....

 Pia K: Jeg får varsler fra  Gud

(Translation: "I am receiving warnings from God." Just click on the title to go to the story.)

Note for Americans: Pia K is chairman of Dansk Folkeparti... You know, the one that is "ANTI-All that is not Danish" and whose latest proposal in this election time is "Sure we will take refugees, but we want to be able to SEND THEM BACK to where they came from WHILE we are processing their application. Denmark should not have to house them until AFTER we approve them." Yes, that is REALLY a direct translation of what she has proposed this week.

Anyway... the point of today's blog is to tell PIA K and all her henchmen as well as the American version of the same BIGOTED RIDICULOUS, Texas Governor Rick Perry (who is campaigning to be the Republican ticket for the Presidential Election) that we too have heard from GOD and here is what    he has to say:


Anonymous said...

hahahha!!!! love it! im so annoyed with politics right now. just thought id mention that LOL!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! That last sign would be so funny if it weren't true.

Unknown said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Or how about the newest, saying that the hurricane and earth quake up east was God trying to tell America something. Go die already. Blech! Funny post :)

May said...

Well, the headline is somewhat misleading, since she actually says that it is too much to call it a sign/message.

But she is on a slippery slope, I am not sure how many Danes would take Rick Perrys of the world seriously, even of the most devoted DF fans. ;)

Same newspaper ran this article yesterday: