Friday, September 2, 2011

Photos of the week

If my blog were a photo blog and if I had contests for the pictures of things I see in DK that make me LOOK TWICE, I would have to say that these two would be tied for first place 
this week!

First I saw this one on Thursday night when Mads and I drove through Burger King after our International Society Board Meeting. Yes, I know "pimp" is used as a verb when talking about making a car reallllllly fancy, but seriously, Burger King... do you think it is the best way to describe adding bacon or cheese to your burger??? 

And as you know the election in DK is just around the corner... only 12 days from now! So posters of the candidates are EVERYWHERE. I know most of the names of the folks in our area who are running for the individual parties because I have seen them over and over again... however, no matter how many times I have seen Dennis Flydtkjær's campaign posters, nothing quite prepared me for this one yesterday. 

Is it a joke???
Did someone OTHER than Dennis Flydtkjær's supporters create it?? Or should the fact that Dennis is a candidate for Dansk Folkeparti be ALL THE ANSWER I NEED to these and more questions?

Yep, "Mads and Kelli" is not a photo blog, but sometimes I am just so thankful that iPhones come with great cameras!


TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Haha, even if I didn't want that, I would totally order it. Through the drive thru speaker box. Extra loud ;)

Anonymous said...

Er... that last photo with the women's hands! What IS the point?

As for Pimp Your Burger - that is hilarious!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Strange poster there!

Archaeogoddess said...

Okay, folks in the US, you *must* now go into a McD's and tell the checker "I'd like a number 3 meal... but I'd like to pimp the burger please." 'Cause that is GOLDEN!

I'm glad someone pointed out that those are NOT Dennis's hands, because here I was wondering if DF was going for the transgendered vote.

Nuno said...

Maybe the candidates for Dansk folkeparti have been discussing creating "whacky" posters. There is one in Aalborg which has the candidate's picture upside down. At first I though it had been put on upside down. But then I noticed the writing at the bottom was the right way up.

Anyway, let's hope they don't do as well as thy hope. They seem to be creeping back up in the polls again (up from 10% to 12.5%). Then if you factor in the people that don't admit they are voting for them (many won't), and we could see them do better than we would like.

Hans said...

Two campaign videos for some of the main candidates: