Saturday, September 10, 2011

Showing off "my" Denmark

Part 1 of Herning Gymnasium's teacher exchange project went GREAT! I have lots to share about the actual "teaching" part of the experience; however I have to say that, for me, the BEST part of their visit to Denmark was the chance to get to "show off" MY Denmark to them. From "Man Meets the Sea" in Esberg to all the cozy parts of Ribe, Denmark's oldest city, to the artistic flare to be found in Ã…rhus.... I loved being able to share the sights of Denmark with our visitors. 

I think that is a huge step in an expat's life-- crossing over from being a visitor in a foreign land to being someone who is at home enough to share the awesome parts of this place that you call home. 




Anonymous said...

You're right - being able to show someone else where you live means you are no longer a tourist yourself!

Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living said...

Love your attitude towards Denmark. You truly seem to love Denmark and I am very "proud" of you. I say this because Denmark is so different, especially from Texas and I would love to read a post about what Americans can learn from so-called "socialism" in Denmark. You know what I mean: healthcare? education paid for. I would love to read what the benefits are in Denmark compared to the U.S. Are Danes truly paying 70% in income tax, to get all the benefits they claim to get. What do Danes get? How do they handle immigrants? What about free education for immigrants? etc. Please let me know if you have or do post about all these interesting topics that I try to explain to US citizens. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh i finally have time to catch up on your blog!!! i was wondering how their visit has been going/went!

and these photos make me want to come see other parts of denmark so bad!!! especially that semi creepy statue of a kid there (or whatever it is hahah!) :)

hope youre having a good weekend!