Sunday, September 4, 2011

Take That!!

(and no, this is not a tribute to the music group...although I DO love them!!)

Note: Even if you cannot understand the Danish in these two videos that follow, I PROMISE that you will understand the underlying messages of them because of the actions you observe. Please watch them both!

Last week THIS was the advertisement (AKA The Latest Blame Game Installment) from Dansk Folkeparti...  to show us how awful the "ghetto" (AKA place where they think all immigrants should live) is in Denmark. The video is entitled "One Day in Vollsmose" to show that what this video depicts is just a typical day in these kinds of places....

His solution to the problems in Denmark? 
"Ryd op i ghettoen" which means:
"Clean up the ghetto. Vote for me and DF." 

Then yesterday Enhedslisten (another political party with VERY DIFFERENT VIEWS from Dansk Folkeparti's) came out with with this video. 

This response video is entitled "ANOTHER day in Vollsmose"... 

and their solution to the problems in Denmark?
"Ryd Op i Folketinget": CLEAN UP PARLIAMENT because THAT is where our problems lie.



Archaeogoddess said...

Thank GOD someone came up with a video response! The DF video really pissed me off on so many levels. 100 cool points to Ø!

Tara said...

I don't know what either movie said, and let me also say I don't even know anything about the voting or different parties....

However, when I lived in Aarhus I lived in the so called "ghetto" where all the immigrants lived. My son went to the mainly Arabic bornehaven and he was the only blonde haired boy there. :)

I found the immigrants to be kind and helpful, much more so than any "Real Danish" person. They helped me with strollers and buses, bags and kids... I loved living in the ghetto with my fellow immigrants.

Even here in Germany there are many Turkish people, and again, I find them to be the most helpful and friendly. Maybe they just get what it is like to be the "new person".

I'm not even sure if this has to do with the posts, but I'm just as much an immigrant as anyone else.