Friday, October 28, 2011

The Center is Open!

Remember this post: MY NEW JOB ?

I started on this new adventure in August, but the first two months have been consumed with planning and establishing contacts. However as of this Tuesday, 1 November, Det Internationale Elevcenter is "open" for the gymnasium students in Region Midtjylland. 

I am really proud of the center's webpage that will be officially released next week!! In my opinion, it has turned out really great! Ieva Sulutaura and Ilze Bicevska-- 2 of Århus University's recent graduates in its International Communication & Multimedia department--built it and designed it from scratch! (so if you need the name of a good graphic designer, just let me know!!)  

So click here and see what you think! (yes, it is in Danish, but I'd still love to hear your thoughts!!) 


Nina Ø said...

It is a really great website. I love the way the FB icon moves around. And the personal stories, some in English and some in Danish were a great idea. Looks like the first young lady has a cup of Starbucks coffee in her hand. '-)

Unknown said...

Looking good girl! - You have done such an awesome job, pulling this all together...

ICELANDIC? Funny... although they say I sound Swedish or least it is all Scandinavian.. :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks really great! I love the black metallic textured background!

MoMo 2.0 said...

LOL Fi, and I see it as "denim" :-)

The girls really did a great job!