Thursday, October 13, 2011

the Harper Lee Prize

Fact: I love literature.
Fact: I love to write.
Goal: To have one of my novels published.....preferably NOT posthumously! :-)  

However.....I may have to reconsider what KIND of novel I have published because although I always thought it would be my life's dream to win a Pulitzer, I have now found another prize, that in my world, seems just as amazing...
"John Grisham awarded first Harper Lee Prize"

John Grisham received the first annual Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction for his 2010 novel The Confession on September 22, 2011. And here is the story behind the prize....
It's been 50 years since Harper Lee published To Kill a Mockingbird, but her fictional tale of racial injustice, focused on a Southern lawyer's efforts to defend an unpopular client at trial in a rape case, is still a cautionary story for our times, said U.S. Attorney Eric Holder.
Speaking in a crowded lecture hall at the University of Alabama, where Lee herself attended law school before publishing her only book in 1960, Holder described the novel as a book about injustice that, to this day, can grind the innocent into the ground, but also a book about courage, 
Although the door to opportunity is opened wider today, bias and bigotry are still a problem worldwide and "the truth is that there is nothing easy about 2010," said the AG. His own wife is the sister of the late Vivian Malone Jones, who was one of the first black students to attend the University of Alabama after the student body became integrated.
To commemorate the book's publication, the university, with help from the American Bar Association, has established the Harper Lee Prize of Legal Literature for fiction showing the positive effect lawyers can have on society. 
Of all the things I have written, none of them have been connected to the genre of "legal fiction", but if there is a HARPER LEE prize for it, I just might have to add a Louisiana Lawyer to my next plot and see what happens.....


Garkbit said...

Kelli - Have you had any short fiction published or self-published? Is there any online? As a long-time reader of your blog I'd love to read some of your work.

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Fact: I love that you sound like Dwight from the office ;)
I agree with Garkbit above, would love to see some of your work!

May said...

Ditto about seeing some work!