Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Important Birthday

2011 has been one of the hardest years in the life of our family because in February my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. After a long road of chemo and radiation, we were confident that he had kicked the cancer's ass.

Then in May the doctors removed what was left of the tumor and performed an esophagectomy. Again, we were confident, while he was in the middle of that very long, very stressful surgery, he was kicking cancer's ass. 

However, while the doctors were performing the esophagectomy, they discovered more cancer in his lymph nodes and recommended another round of chemo; but this time it was an experimental treatment that had had horrible side effects. However, in an effort to kick cancer's ass once and for all, dad agreed to the treatment. He struggled every day with what the "good medicine" was doing to his body, but he continued to fight.....he continued to KICK.

Then in September his latest PET Scan showed that the cancer was gone. 
And although the doctor said that we would have to continue to monitor his scans in the months and years to come, for right now, in this moment, he is CANCER FREE.

And today he turns 65... on what might be, his most important birthday yet.
So Happy Birthday to Mike Rogers... who is not only my dad, but who is the man that I know personally who KICKED CANCER's ASS!  
Mom & Dad in Crested Butte CO, October 2011


Mel u said...

This is a very inspiring story-thanks for sharing it with us and I am very glad your father is ok.

Anonymous said...

I'm so HAPPY to hear this! It brought a tear to my eye. Happy Birthday to your fabulous Dad! And boy, is he young!

Nina Ø said...

Happy Birthday x 10 to your Daddy. He is cute. I wish him decades more of joy.

Unknown said...

Yay for your Dad and your entire family! What a horrific struggle you have all went through, especially your Dad! PS: I can clearly see where you get your good looks from :)