Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recipe for a great night

Take 1 birthday boy.

Add some Mardi Gras Decorations including beads for all the guests;  

Add 50 of your friends and family members....of which about half are from your childhood years in Denmark while the other half are from your your international expat family 
in Herning. 

Throw in some Cajun food with a little spice..
and a bonus daughter that flies in for the special day....

and you will have the recipe for a GREAT WAY to spend a Saturday night in Herning, Denmark. People thought I was crazy for cooking food for 50 people, but I have to admit.... doing something like this for my Viking was awesome. It felt really good to actually DO something for him for his special day, rather than only buying him a birthday gift... 

Now I can rest up until he turns the big 5-0! Thank goodness I have a few years !


Nina Ø said...

I think this was so awesome Kelli. Thanks for the post and pixs.

Unknown said...

That party looks so awesome! What a ton of work you put into it. Your Viking is very lucky to have you around. Not only do you know how to party, but you can cook food for 50 people, and look gorgeous and stress free at the party (I would have been an uptight wreck). Great job!

Jan said...

Wow! Is that Slap Ya Mama cajun seasoning?! :-) I bet that was a memorable night for everyone!