Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 things that make me smile

I have been in the US for less than 48 hours and here are the reasons that I have had a smile on my face the entire time:

1. My hotel room has a bathtub.

2. I had a pumpkin spice latte yesterday and am headed down to get another quite soon (plus more after that).

3. I have already eaten at 2 fave places (Chipotle and PF Changs) and have more faves on the very near horizon.

4. I got to hear about a dozen high school bands playing in yesterday's Macy "Day After Thanksgiving" Parade.

5. I am getting to hear about the END of the NBA lockout LIVE on ESPN! 

6. I am only 2 hours behind Jess and my mom instead of 7 hours ahead so we can text/talk more! 

7. I am passing people on the streets who are smiling, I am riding elevators with people who SPEAK to me voluntarily, and I am being bumped into and then being apologized to! :-) 

8. I am getting the chance to show my colleague, Gitte, all kinds of wonderful American things! (Although she is afraid that if we stay longer than 6 days, she will be "poorer and fatter"!) So, yeah we are shopping and eating... lots! 

9. I scored 2 pairs of jeans at Old Navy for FIFTEEN DOLLARS each! Yes, that is like 75kroner!

10. And I still have FOUR MORE DAYS to go! 


Anonymous said...

It's always great to go home!

Sounds as if you are having a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

i figure on my first trip back to the states i will intentionally allow people to bump into me just so i can hear the words 'excuse me'. i might video it all happening too :)

chipotle and pf changs!? i would never return back to norway if i included those in my US diet again ;-)

Jan said...

I have a list of places to go to when I go home, and Chipotle is near the top! I think I need to put Old Navy on there, too. :-)