Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beauty...just outside the city

Visiting big amazing cities is AWESOME but as a traveler, you have to remember that many of the AMAZING things in the world are found just a little ways OUTSIDE the city limits. 

And Seattle is no different.

Drive east about 30 miles outside of Seattle and you will find one of the North America's wonders-- The Snoqualmie Falls. I saw this last year with Mads and Jess and was happy when Gitte (the colleague I am traveling with) asked about visiting it this weekend. It really is an incredible thing to see. 

Snoqualmie Falls is a 268 foot waterfall located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains....isn't that awesome.... a waterfall in the CASCADING (yeah, I modified the word a bit) Mountains?  

As I stood there watching the water spill over those granite cliffs, I remembered a shirt that I had seen in the gift shop.... a shirt that encourages us to take a little LIFE ADVICE from the waterfalls.....

 They really are words to live by:
1. Go with the flow.
2. Roar with excitement.
3. Let your cares fall away.
4. Create your own music.
5. Immerse yourself in nature.
6. Stay active.
7. And my personal favorite..... Make a splash!

So when you travel, remember these 4 things:
1. Pack comfy shoes..... 
2. Get OUT of downtown...
3. Journey OFF the beaten path.... 
4. Prepare to be amazed. 

You won't be disappointed! 


Anonymous said...

OH, what great words to live by! Cool Tee.

Skogkjerring said...

LOVE the Waterfall sayings!!! I totally agree with you about traveling that is why I don´t really like these Scandinavian Syden tours because they are to hotels run in a Scandinavian spirit in a foreign country so you feel like you haven´t really left Scandinavia you´re just in a warmer being off the beaten path ;-)

Anonymous said...

im so glad you posted to get off the beaten path. it really is the best way to learn about a place and its culture :)

and i love waterfalls. in fact, im obsessed. and luckily for me, im in a land FULL of them :) i kind of love it!

Nina Ø said...

Like many Dane I do not wear stuff on my T-Sheets that advertise anything. I do like this one however. Won't wear it on my body but I do love it. Thanks for posting it.