Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One reason I love the Danes....

This was one of the things that actually put me off a bit when I first arrived, but it is one of the things that either: 
1) I have grown to love, or 
2) It was really great all along, but I was too uptight to appreciate it.

The Danes are "CALL 'EM LIKE YOU SEE 'EM" Folks...and I appreciate that. Maybe it's an age thing.... I have mellowed out the last few years and realize life is too short to just tiptoe around things. And the more I discover this, the more I am convinced that my MoMo Fontenot would have gotten along JUST FINE in Denmark... she was indeed a "call 'em like you see 'em" lady!

This picture proves my point. 
Is it a "throw pillow" or a "decorative pillow" or an "accent pillow"?? Why get all fancy... just call it like it is! And yes, this was an ACTUAL SIGN I took a picture of in downtown Herning last week! 
(PS: "Puder" means pillows 
and "Tilbud" means offer".)


Unknown said...

Bless the Danes, right?! LOL

So p.s. - the Hubs and I were talking about how in 2012 we were going to treat ourselves to some romantic, fun weekends around our neck of the European woods...and I said we should hop down to Copenhagen for one!
So I thought of you shortly after too of course!
This is just a 'sometime in 2012' plan at this point, but it would be really rad to meet up and have a coffee or meal with you and Mads while we were on your turf!
We might not talk a whole lot or know each other personally (yet!) but I feel close to you through our blogs and just as fellow outspoken American expat wives in respective Scandinavian boats!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted as to when we might actually be down there in case you would want to have a visit. :)

Take care, sweetie! <3

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Best. Sign. Ever. Haha, I love little gems like this. Although, this might be one of the best! :)

Gran Salt said...

Og "ass" betyder "assorteret" ...

Men, det vidste du, ikke også?

Anonymous said...

LOL! And ass means well, ass?

Puder means powder in Swedish, so then I thought this really was very very direct!

Annarella said...

I don't get it. What is funny or forward about assorted pillows? Just the word "ass" or did I miss something?

I often smile when I drive through Seattle and see how people seem to have problems with too clean houses according to the signs everywhere (For rent)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disapoint you but im pretty sure that this is short for:assorteret.
In English: assorted.

Anonymous said...

...and "ass" means assorted. :)

I've been reading back issues of your blog and marveled at your indomitable drive and positive outlook.

I hope you stay here, ma'am, Denmark needs more Texans.

My best to your lucky husband.

Unknown said...

As soon as I saw it I was laughing! I remember when they were building the new Netto in Skive. They had a big huge sign with 2 dogs humping and it said "We're working on it!"

Hans said...

Lol, it does gets a funny meaning if you read it in "Danglish".

I guess you were already aware that "ass" is really short for "assorterede".
But "assorted pillows" is not nearly as fun as "ass pillows".

Unknown said...

LoL. That is great. I love that about Danes too, it never ceases to entertain.

Alex said...

That is some really funny sign.