Monday, November 28, 2011

Treasures in Fremont

Every big American city seems to have its own version of Fremont.

It's that Artsy/New Age/Vegetarian-eating/Yoga-doing/Vintage-shoppingish kind of area that no matter how "big city" the rest of the city gets, this area stays the same. The people there seem to move a little slower, appreciate things a little more, and often seem oblivious that Big City Life is just a mile or two away....It is AWESOME. And of course, folks in communities such as Fremont believe that their home is the center of all things.... And Fremont, Seattle is no different.... They even have the street sign to prove it! It is definitely the kind of place that you MUST visit if you are in Seattle.... 
  • You will find used book stores with all kinds of treasures!
  • Plus a vegan/vegetarian restaurant... and yes I ate there ....just to try it out! I was a vegetarian for nine years, but have no clue what would constitute a VEGAN MENU! But I learned, and I actually ate an order of SWEET POTATO BISCUITS with CASHEW GRAVY! Not bad!!!
  • If you are there on Sunday, you will get to shop in the Fremont Sunday market where you can buy handmade things and you just might see something a little bit Danish!

  • You can see the Interurban Statue...
  • As well as the largest statue of Lenin in the United States... which was brought back to the US by an American veteran who was teaching in Slovakia. He found the sculpture lying face down after it was toppled in the 1989 Revolution. He recognized the artist's skill and craftsmanship and was determined that the statue should be preserved. He mortgaged his house to acquire the sculpture and brought it back to Washington.  

The statue has encountered a great deal of controversy over the years as many Americans think that it does not belong here. But in the opinion of Lewis Carpenter (the man who brought it to Fremont), art is supposed to make us FEEL, (not necessarily feel good) and the responses toward this statue prove that the work has done its job... People do FEEL a variety of things when they see it.  Carpenter believes it is proof that ART outlives POLITICS. 

  • And one more thing you must see if you are in Fremont is the very famous FREMONT TROLL under the Aurora Bridge. 

And this troll does not just eat Billy Goats...he also eats Volkswagen Buses! 
Fremont is the kind of place that just makes you feel good! 


Nuno said...

Love the statue! It was definitely the right decision to take it back to the States.

Re: The vegan thing

I am someone that does not eat meat or dairy, and I can tell you that DK is hell for me. I would love a place like you describe in your entry. I have even been asked to supply my own food at social events here. Veganism and DK are NOT friends!

Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living said...

So you're in Fremont now? I like the way they wrote Ebleskiver. Anyway, that troll is quite unattractive.

Unknown said...

Just hang out for another 15-days, Kelli, and we can do lunch at Red Mill Burgers in Fremont!

(no seriously. go there.)

Have fun! xoxo