Friday, December 9, 2011

And how was your day?

1. I woke up yesterday at 615, a little bit grumpy because I felt kinda puny, but I had a LIST of things to tackle, so..
 2. I got up, got ready, and headed out the front door to start the car (yes I warm it up before I get in... Otherwise why have butt-warmers? They need a chance to serve their purposes.)
 3. Quick aside- Mads was in the shower at this point.
 4. I opened the front door, saw it was raining, but noticed that it didn't feel too terribly cold.
 5. So I ran down the four front steps we have.
 6. Only successfully completed item #5 up to the second step. And down I went....down the last two steps, landing on the sidewalk, the fall being "broken" (no pun intended...see #22) by my left knee and foot.
 7. As I attempted to get up (easier said than done), two early morning commuters (1 on bike, 1 on foot) passed right by me. No, they did not stop. But yes, they saw me. NO WAY to miss this display.
 8. Managed to get inside, tears running down my face, and then I lay on the floor in the entry area, waiting for Mads to get out of the shower.
 9. He discovers me and attempts to help, but I can't stop crying and won't let him touch my left side.
 10. We get my jeans and shoe off to discover that it looks like said left side was in a car wreck.
 11. He tells me to stay home from work so I can go to the ER as he was worried something was broken because yes, at that point--still crying.
 12. Stubborn butt that I am, I insist I am fine.... Still crying.
 13. Clothes are changed, mascara removed from my face, original shoe choice exchanged for UGGs (because now my foot seems to be expanding) and off I 830am. Only an hour behind schedule.
Fast forward to 11:00
14. Pain is increasing by the second. I can hardly walk. Colleagues are telling me to go to the ER. Emails arrive from Mads begging me again to go to the ER. Only difference is this time I am hurting so much that I concede.
15. He calls the dr. to find out the process. We are told to be at the doctor's office no later than 2.
16. Mads meets me at the dr (yeah, driving a standard with a bum left foot... That's fodder for another blog)
 17. Dr. asks me to remove my UGG so she can examine my foot. I soon realize that examine means she's going to TOUCH IT. Mads cannot believe the size of my toes and I can't believe I refrained from punching someone/thing as she EXAMINED it.
18. Dr. was worried enough that she said we needed an X-ray, so she sent us to the ER. Yes, in DK you have to (during office hours) go to your primary care physician to get a "ticket" to go to the ER.

Fast forward to 2:15
19. Arrive at the ER's X-ray dept, wait about ten minutes, and then it's my turn.
20. X-ray guy is super nice, asking me "hvor jeg oprindelig kommer fra" Which I discovered was his way of distracting me as he positioned my foot for the three X-rays. Yes he TOUCHED it too!
21. Sends me out to Mads while he reads the X-rays.
22. Five minutes later comes out with the news that the big toe is broken.
23. Sends us to the part of the ER that "repairs" you.
24. Nurse warns us that they are really backed up and asks for our patience.
25. After a 45 min wait (which after an ER experience in Houston of 6 hours, I was quite happy about) the dr calls my name and takes me back to get fixed up.
26. Yeah, she TOUCHED the toe as well...and this time I didn't hold back. I couldn't. ( you think I punched something, don't you?!) I screamed. And sobbed. The more she repaired, the harder I cried. Then she told me that it will take at least two weeks for me to have any real healing and relief, maybe longer, and all I can picture is the SIZE OF SCHIPOL AIRPORT.

Fast forward to 4:15
27. My knight in shining armor drives me home.... A little more than two hours later and the ordeal was over.
28. He put me on the couch, propped my foot up,and then I fill up on Advil. (Hey, I'd had a rough judgment!) So again, I ask, "And how was your day?" Oh and did I mention how much this whole ordeal cost? Because the cost could be a concern right here at the holiday season.....who can afford a trip to the ER at Christmas? Answer: We can! Today's bill=ZERO. Each time I've used the Danish healthcare system , I've been nothing less than amazed.

29. Almost forgot--taking my husband and mother's advice--I called in sick for today. Not that walking is a direct task in my job, but it does play a big part and right now, walking is not on my list of possibilities. We'll see if today is better.


May said...


Take care of that toe! And yourself!

Jono said...

Owwwiee! I hope the pain subsides soon. I just recovered from some surgery, but I don't think it was nearly as painful as what you went through. I liked being unconscious and I had to pay out about 2-1/2 months take home pay. And I have insurance. That almost hurt worse. Get well!

Nina Ø said...

Never really appreciated my toes till I broke 2 in a mineral hot spring on the side of a mountain in the sierras in '03. How did I get up the mountain and drive the VW camper back? My lovely cousin had RX pain pills for her back in her backpack. Advil? My last pain meds for my broken leg in '07 were 800mg (yes 800mg) of ibuprophren. Worked for me at the end - after I went off the Percocet and the Vicodin. I totally understand "do not touch it". ;-)

Corinne said...

Broken toes are THE WORST. It's not like you can immobilize it and take it easy short of doing exactly what you are: staying off your feet for a while. God bedring!

HOLMES said...

Oh Lord, the Houston ER trip. Tupperware, anyone?

lisa said...

Stay on the couch ALL weekend. Mads might have to duct tape you down to keep you from doing too much.

Anonymous said...

Oh no no no! You need to rest so you can travel to the US for Christmas!

Hugs hugs hugs.

Nuno said...

To be fair, the total cost came out of the nearly 50% income tax that you pay! I would say you have paid for your treatment, and then some!


Lovely Light said...

Ouch! I hope it heals enough for your trip to Texas!