Sunday, December 25, 2011

A letter of gratitude

Dear Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström,

I have verbally credited you Scandinavian geniuses before, but I think that there are some creations in our world that deserve multiple expressions of gratitude; yours is one such item that as an expat I appreciate on a DAILY basis.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and families all over the world were united together, regardless of distance and time, all because of an idea the two of you had in 2003. 

As I sat in my mom's living room in Fairview, Texas opening Christmas gifts with my sister's family in Crested Butte, Colorado, I realized again how incredible that little idea really is. 

Sure we would love to all be in the same house, sitting around the same tree, opening gifts together and just enjoying each other's company, but in reality, that is just not possible because we all live in different corners of the world. But thanks to you two, we have the next-best thing to LIVE. 

I could hear my niece squeal in delight as she opened her gifts and then it was precious to watch her bring each item closer and closer to the webcam for all of us to see.... So thank you for that. Thank you for taking your little idea and figuring out a way to develop it so that yesterday each of us from all over the world could have Christmas with the ones we love. 

Gotta love that Scandinavian innovation!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Skype!

Hope you had a magical Christmas!

Unknown said...

Well that sure was thankful of you. I forgot to thank them for the exact same thing, but I sure did appreciate it.