Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did you know???

I was teaching an English class the other day with some business folks in Herning and as a warm up, they had random topics to talk about on the spot.....  And on this particular day, I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW about Denmark. 

One of the topics was "I am going on a trip around Jutland. Where do you recommend I go?" and one of the participants said I should go to COLD HAWAII

What the heck is Cold Hawaii and what does it have to do with JUTLAND, DENMARK?

Well, by the time he finished telling about his topic, I realized that there is another corner of this country that I have yet to explore! Not that I am into surfing or waves, or BATHING SUITS for that matter, but COLD HAWAII sounds like a really cool place to check out! 

And the interesting thing is that it is not very far from Herning! Who would have thought that the closest I would get to HAWAII would be in the middle of Denmark! :-)


LadyFi said...

That's a brilliant name!

Jono said...

It's been -28C the last couple of mornings. Thanks for a bit of a warm thought. It helps.

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

I think you need to do a comparison of cold Hawaii and hot Hawaii. That would only be the fair thing to do, right?! Vacation time :)

Unknown said...

"Cold Hawaii?"

AWESOME. Sign me up...well, maybe after I have the baby, so I can surf! :D

Unknown said...

The first time I was in that area it was the dead of winter, and I was floored to see people surfing! BRRRR!