Friday, January 6, 2012

Picture of the week

It has been a tough week.
Jet lag.
Missing Jess like crazy.
Re-Danishing my brain after not speaking Danish for nearly 2 weeks.
Back to work with SO many projects to juggle.
Jet lag. 
Missing Jess like crazy.
And the Danish weather which has been something along the lines of FREEZING COLD HURRICANE WEATHER. If that is even physically possible?? Can a hurricane be freezing? Anyway, suffice it to say that the weather in Denmark has been HORRIFIC all week and I have been suffering from Jet Lag and missing Jess like crazy. (wait, did I already mention those??!!)

But then today we woke up to a new day. 
For one thing it was Friday, but even better than that was THIS:

That, my friends, is a shadow of an orchid plant in my house. 
And do you know how a shadow got in my house?
YEP! It came in because of the SUNSHINE outside my window. 
Glory, Hallelujah! Who knew that a little sunshine could brighten a person's spirits SO MUCH!?
Maybe we will have just a little bit more tomorrow?


Skogkjerring said...

Wow, someone is optimistic, this is Scandinavia babe, that sunlight is a rarity in the winter, but hope you enjoyed it today...and I do hope you´re lucky enough to get some tomorrow and the next day....and next day....and next day...

Sorry you´re missing Jess so much, when is she going to come over next???

May said...

Hehehe...I bet if I had told you 5 years ago that you'd be this excited about waking up to sunlight, you wouldn't have believed me.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how a little sun outside can give us sun on the inside too.

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Yeah for sunshine!!! :) We are getting some here today too and I can't believe it. Funny when a ray of sunshine is practically miracle worthy, lol

Tara said...

I looked at the tiny thumbnail picture on the side of my own blog and instantly thought, "WOW A SHADOW"!!!

I haven't seen a shadow in a while... :) but your shadow made me smile!