Thursday, February 16, 2012

Springtime in DK

Springtime is definitely my favorite time in Denmark.... but not only for the obvious reasons!

  • Yes, I love the fact that the light lasts just a little bit longer each day once we start the new year.....
  • Yes, I love the fact that each time you go to the park or the forest, you notice a little more green....
  • Yes, I love the fact that we are heading toward summer instead of away from it.

But the REAL reason I love this time of year??? My schedule!
As a Gymnasielære in Denmark, you get the benefit of all school holidays PLUS all national holidays and in the first 2 quarters of the year, that is an AMAZING thing! And seeing as how DK counts our lives in WEEK NUMBERS, it makes it really easy to figure it all out! 

2012's schedule:
We come back to school in Week 1 of the new year and have classes through Week 6.
Week 7- VINTERFERIEN (winter holiday)
We come back to school in Week 8 and have classes through Week 13.
Week 14- PĂ…SKEFERIEN (Easter break ...and yes, we are off the entire week before Easter, plus the Monday after!)
We come back to school in Week 15 and then start the national holidays....
Week 18- Friday is "Bededag"
Week 20- Thursday is "Kristi Himmelfartsdag"
Week 22- Monday is "Anden Pinsedag"
Week 26- Friday is GRADUATION!

I love it because in those weeks when you have no holidays, you are so focused and so ON TOP YOUR GAME because you know that a little break to REJUVENATE is just around the corner. 

It was the same when I was at a "year round" school for a few years in the 90s.... we went to school in 9 week blocks and then had 2 weeks off. It was great for students AND for teachers. 

So now as I am home during VINTERFERIE (grading papers and writing lesson plans.....but doing it in my PJs!!), I want to give a SHOUT OUT to Springtime in DK! I LOVE IT! 


LadyFi said...

Wonderful spring picture!

Scandinavia really is a great place for all the holidays!

Jono said...

What a great schedule! But who the heck is Kristi Himmelfart?

MoMo 2.0 said...

Jon, you have all those Danish connections and you don't know Kristi H? :-)
It is "Jesus, hurry up to Heaven" Day.. well that is my translation anyway! :-) 40 days after Easter.....

Jono said...

Got it! I know the Scandinavian languages enough that I should have seen it.