Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Have you heard of X-Factor? You know....one of those reality talent shows (created by our favorite Simon Cowell) that is always looking for the next up and coming musical star?? Well we have our own X-Factor in Denmark--which I guess many countries must?!! I have not really ever followed X-Factor since moving here because I was more of an American Idol girl and have since turned Mads into a real American Idol guy! However this season I have seen X-Factor in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT! And that is because of one of this season's contestants named "Ida". 
Remember that name-- like you remember Madonna, Adele, Cher-- you know; those 1-name superstars that mesmerize audiences every time they step up to the microphone! 

But Ida is not just ANY up and coming superstar; there is in fact a REASON that I have taken such a liking to X-Factor Denmark this year. It is because Ida is from our area....from a little village called Videbæk, just about 20 minutes from Herning. But wait! There is more. I am not following X-Factor Denmark this year because there is a girl from Videbæk on it; rather I am following it because not only is Ida FREAKING AWESOME, but she is a student at Herning Gymnasium! She has a precious smile and such a sweet attitude and man, does she have a voice. 

Just before one of the big shows in January, she agreed to sing for us at Herning Gymnasium's weekly "Morgensamling" (assembly) and even though I had heard her on the show, there was something really special about hearing her LIVE! In fact I recorded it on my phone so I could show it off to folks because I really do think her voice is something we will hear more of in the very near future. It is so pure, so natural, so amazing. See what you think! 

There are only 8 contestants left on X-Factor Denmark and Ida is one of them. The finale will be on 23 March 2012...in the Boxen Arena in.... you guessed it! HERNING (AKA the Music Mecca of Jylland). I don't know what will happen in these last few weeks of the show, but I am CONFIDENT that Ida is going to need to take just a few more days off from her classes at Herning Gymnasium because some record producer is going to SNATCH HER UP! I know that all of us at Herning Gymnasium are SUPER PROUD of her! 

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Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living said...

Ida is great. I'm always surprised at how Danes sing so well with "American" accents, and it's fun to hear the judges say, "super cool" etc. Ida is very sweet and pretty and I do hope she wins. Is she the favorite contestant? I have to say, I was disappointed with Simon Cowell in X-Factor. I preferred him in American Idol. I also prefer AI with Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, and really "getting to know" the contestants.