Sunday, February 12, 2012

You say potato....

I say Po-TAH-to.
Really it is the same thing, right? But it is all in how you say it/sell it or what you are used to it...RIGHT?

And the same goes for the weather.

NEVER IN MY 38 YEARS before moving to Denmark, would I EVER EVER EVER have said that temps sitting at 2C/37F were SPRING-LIKE, but today I did it! (So never say never!)

You say WINTER-LIKE TEMPS; I say, "OH MY GOD, spring is almost here!" 

In Denmark we have been at a Negative Double Digits for a month now, but today at 2C/37F, I am in a t-shirt, I have the WINDOW in the living room OPEN for fresh air, and I am SMILING.

You say COLD? I say GLORIOUS! I just hope there is more where this came from! 


LadyFi said...

I hear you... I love it when the hint of spring is contained in the kernel of winter.

- 2 C here, but spring-like anyway!

May said...'re being assimilated. ;)

annmucc said...

Hmm...This is even colder than winter weather back will take me quite a bit longer to get used to it ;)

lisa said...

I was going to comment on hot flashes. LOL! I was basking in the sun today too. It was about 37 here but the sun made it seem pre-spring.