Sunday, April 8, 2012

To stay or not to stay- that is the question!

Well the time has come. 
My four years are just about up and my 100 points have been accumulated, so it is time to apply for my Permanent Residency in Denmark.

Funny thing (not funny, haha) is that as I was gathering alllllllll the documentation for this very lovely application and then logging onto the Immigration site to pay my APPLICATION FEE of 3.655dkk (494€), I said to myself, "Well, if they don't approve this and decide to kick me out, I know of a certain grandbaby in Texas in need of a MoMo who would definitely approve of my residency there."
So you see-- there is always a bright side.

I will take my packet to the post office on Tuesday to mail it to Copenhagen, and I am anxious to see how heavy it is since the application itself is 17 pages, plus there are all those attachments to prove that I do indeed have my 100 points accumulated.

2 pages-- my "Erklæring om integration og aktivt medborgerskab i det danske samfund" AKA the "Pia K paper" (which is sort of like "I pledge allegiance to the Danish society, and short of eating licorice and leverpostej, I promise to do all else to integrate ASAP.")

1 page--my "diploma" from passing the Danish Language Exam (which I am PRETTY SURE they already have on file, so not sure why this is necessary?!)

1 page--a letter from Herning Erhversrådet as proof of my work on the board of International Society for at least 1 year (I considered attaching all the newspaper articles about our work in IS as well, but figured that was being a little contrary!) :-) 

33 pages--copies of my monthly salary disbursement for the last 2 years and 8 months to prove that I have had a full-time job at the same place for no less than 2.5 years.

1 page---copy of my receipt for my payment of the 3.655dkk.

All in all--55 pages.
Thank you, rain forest, for your sacrifice so that I can try to show Denmark that I am worthy of living here as a permanent resident. 
Now the countdown begins to see how long it takes for them to approve/reject my application. 
Fingers crossed!  


Corinne said...

I've been waiting four months for an answer on my permanent residency in Norway, but I will not complain after reading all you have to turn in. I swear, all we need is a pulse, certification we've completed 250 hours Norsk (Now 500, I think, they really bumped it up) or the Level 3 Norsk test, a fairly good idea of how much time we've spent outside of Norway in the past three years, and to show up looking slightly coherent to have our pictures taken. And the application and fees are web-based, there's only a few papers we have to present, in person, to the local police (one being a copy of all passport pages, there's the rainforest killer).

May said...

I'm pretty sure you'll get all the points you need - and more points than I would have gotten if I had to apply. ;)

Skogkjerring said...

Wow, I am so grateful that I didn´t have to go through a process like that to get my permanent residency here. Geez! However, with that said, I think things are getting more difficult here for people to become residents so I guess it was a good thing to get here as early as I did!

Yeah, I´m really waiting to see how long you´ll last in Denmark after that baby arrives in Texas....but maybe you could get lucky and convince Jess that Denmark is a safer place to raise her baby and they could move over??? One could hope right?

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! So much paperwork!

Here it's just an interview, a couple of papers and a stamp in the passport.

Fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

I am with Amy.. wondering how long you will last after that grandbaby arrives... LOL..
Thank goodness it wasn't that difficult for me.. I would have just turned around and gone home.. :-)

Jono said...

Best of luck! I gather they haven't heard of the "paperless" retention of data. Everyone still seems to need hard copies.

Alexander said...

MoMo 2.0 said...

Alexander, Thanks for the link, but the info is wrong.... no matter what has been discussed or proposed, the rules are the same as they were in January 2012.

kutubuku said...

No, the info is not wrong. If you apply now, you will pay fee and fulfill point system. If you apply in June, you will apply under new rules.

As a teacher you should know better than just to say something is WRONG.

kutubuku said...

Read the third document and scroll until the last page. I don't give WRONG info in my blog.

But then again, I guess you have to apply under point system rule anyway since you haven't lived here for 5 years. Bye bye 3600 kr

Gran Salt said...

WADR, the link isn't "wrong". It highlights that changes to rules have been proposed to take effect from June 1st.

kutubuku said...

It's me being wrong. AGAIN

Samsoe Sue said...

'To stay or not to stay-that is the question'.

I think you SHOULD stay. It would be 'wrong' if you did not stay. You DESERVE permanent residence in Denmark and don't let anybody tell you you don't. 500 dollars is not a lot to pay to be permanently resident after everything you have been through and sacrificed to live in Denmark. Turning back at this point would give the impression that everything you have fought for was in vain. Whatever it takes, whatever it costs, whatever you have to sacrifice, go for it!

Unknown said...

Wow...just reading about the process exhausted me. My fingers are crossed for you too Kelli, but you are an exceptional Danish expat, so I have no doubt that they will accept you into DK with arms wide open.