Saturday, June 23, 2012

Visitors from the west....

Nearly four years ago my parents made their first trip to Denmark.... And as you can see from their attire, it was QUITE COLD when they were here!
Well, now 3 1/2 years later, they are coming back! On Wednesday, in fact! They leave Dallas this Wednesday, arriving in Denmark on Thursday at 11am. We are SO excited!!! They will be here for nearly two weeks and we have lots of fun things planned--including a trip to Belgium and Cologne, Germany, a BBQ where they can finally meet all of our friends, and all kinds of other little excursions around Jutland. 

Now I just need the Danish weather to cooperate so they can experience this PHENOMENON we speak of called "THE DANISH SUMMER"! 

Counting the hours.... only 117 to go!


Herohead said...

Wow du lyder super spændt, glæder mig til dine post om jeres oplevelser, håber vejret bliver bedre.

Har læst med i lang tid og nyder virkelig din blog.
Din positive vinkel smitter virkelig af:-)

Anonymous said...

What fun! Hoping you get plenty of sunshine for their visit.

Lovely Light said...

Oh, that's so exciting! My father's visitn in September, and my mother next May (maybe). She hates flying, so it's still up in the air (ha!) First your son, then the parents. Lucky!

Jono said...

Hopefully the Danish summer LASTS two weeks this year. I am sure the sun will shine upon them no matter what the weather.