Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A milestone

Monday is the first day of school for the students at Herning Gymnasium.
Wednesday is the first day of school for the students at Ikast-Brande IB Gymnasium. 
That means that next week I get to experience 2 FIRST DAYS next week! 

As I have been sitting and diligently working on new lesson plans the last few weeks, I have thought a lot about how many "first days of school" I have actually experienced..... and that is when it hit me.

This school year, 2012-2013, will be my TWENTIETH YEAR as a public educator. 

And wow...what an adventure it has been..... some years I had 22 students, others I had 1200+ (no, that is not a typo!).... but I can still picture the thousands of faces that have touched my life over these twenty years.

And I thank each and every one of them for the impact they had on me. 

I have been found on FB by former students as well as former students' parents and each time, it warms my heart to think that I might have had a small hand in shaping their lives.

So happy FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL to all my students, to all my current colleagues, and to all my former colleagues! 

And no matter what your contract, your pay check, or your name tag says, you are so much more than "just a teacher". 


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your message. The last line in particular is something that we need to hear here in Wisconsin. I've really enjoyed learning more about schools in Denmark through reading your blog.

- Lori

nettielouise said...

You definitely left your mark on this educator! Thank you for always inspiring me to dream the impossible and give my crazy ideas the good college try!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely one of the best awakeners I know!