Friday, August 10, 2012

An International Life

When you first glance at this post, you most likely think that it will be about the Olympics or the United Nations, right?!  While those 2 topics would be awesome to write about, I am happy to report that this blog is about something much smaller, much simpler....  or is it? 

This blog represents Michael's first full week in Herning, Denmark. This first flag represents him.... because although he was BORN a Texan, he is living in Colorado right now..... well, I guess technically he is living in Denmark right now, but you get the point! 

All of the rest of these flags represent the people that Michael has been hanging out with this week.... Just since Monday, these are the nationalities that that have been a part of his days and evenings! 

It all started with an IB dinner on Monday night (with the new international arrivals to this year's IB Program in Ikast) and has culminated with a Friday night in downtown Herning, watching the annual Herning Gadeløbe (Bike Race). And this display of flags does not even include all the guys he met on Wednesday night at his first basketball practice with the Herning Hurricanes!!

I would venture to say that with a week like this as his FIRST WEEK HERE, Michael is in store for some great multicultural adventures..... Yep, in little ol' Herning, Denmark! 

So could you guess where all his new friends are from? 
Kind of cool that they all ended up here, 
at this exact time, huh?? 

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Anonymous said...

You're so multi-national - how lucky!