Friday, August 31, 2012

Jazzy Jessss

Have you heard of ETSY? 
It's this new e-commerce site where folks can sell their handmade items. 

And why is that important??!
Well, in the course of making things for the baby's room, Jess has discovered that she is pretty darned talented when it comes to crafty kinds of things. Goodness knows she did not get it from me!

She has been a waitress/bartender for YEARS....but with the arrival of Corrie very soon, she knew that she needed to look elsewhere for some kind of work she could do that would allow her to be home with Corrie as long as possible (since maternity leave in the US is typically SIX WEEKS!)

And so was born:

Click here for the actual site: JAZZY JESSSS

One thing that she specializes in is the TUTU WREATH.
And what, you ask is a TUTU WREATH?!

Well it is the cutest thing and as I am learning, the new and chic way of decorating your door! I had never heard of it before Jess showed me one that she made, but now I am finding out that they are quite popular. And HERS ARE AMAZING!

She made one for Corrie's door first and that led to making some for some other people with baby girls and then that led to making them for holidays and favorite sports teams and then that led to her latest creation-- one for an army wife. THEY ROCK!

Take a look:

I would not normally use my blog as a place to promote a business, but I figure that since it is JESS', you would all want to know about it! :-)

Wouldn't your front door or the door to your daughter's room look FABULOUS with one of these?? I ordered one for Halloween and Thanksgiving and they are on their way to Herning! Cannot wait to JAZZ UP my Danish door! 

I am SO proud of her! Not just for finding a way to supplement their income while she is being a MOM and a college student, but I am so proud of how AWESOME these are!!!! 
Hope you'll pass the word! 


Jono said...

There are obviously some genetic influences at play here.

Anonymous said...

She is awesome! And these creations are wonderful.

The only problem with ordering via Etsy is that the postage fees are so expensive...

MoMo 2.0 said...

Yeah, Fi, she has figured out ways around that..... :-)