Friday, September 21, 2012

An afternoon in Denmark's "City of Smiles"

Last weekend we took Michael to Århus and no trip to the big city is complete without visiting the ARoS Museum. And no trip to the ARoS Museum is complete without a visit to "BOY" by artist Ron Mueck. I first saw Mueck at the Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas and fell in love with his work. BOY is an awesome example of the types of sculptures he creates. The way he can take these tiny little models and turn them into gigantic (5 meter high/500 kg) works of art is just fantastic. Every eyelash, every vein, right down to ever toenail....the lifelikeness of these pieces is something to be awed. If you ever have a chance to see a Ron Mueck exhibition where you live, DO IT! You will NOT be disappointed; in fact, I guarantee you will have a hard time pulling yourself away from each piece.

Right now at the ARoS you can also visit an exhibition by Tony Matelli. Most of his pieces are about PEOPLE and the PASSAGE OF TIME..... most aptly captured in his "Meat Head" below which was sitting next to another sculpture in which the meat was decayed (maggots and all which I chose NOT to photograph). Unlike Mueck, whose work at which you cannot seem to STOP looking, Matelli's MAKES you want to look away.... It creates this really uncomfortable feeling inside of you. 

 After stopping by Matelli's exhibition, the pains in your stomach can ease up a bit, actually a lot, when you enter ARoS' Rainbow Panorama. It is on the top floor of the museum and takes you on a colorful 360° journey around downtown Århus. Talk about some breathtaking views! 

I love that we have a teenager living with us who APPRECIATES museums!!! 
It really was a great day! 


Skogkjerring said...

Love the panorama rainbow top :-) Very cool! I thought the first photo was actually Michael but then I saw it was a sculpture!!! :-) looks like fun!

HOLMES said...

I loved that trip to The Modern with you where we saw the Mueck exhibit-- one of my favorite outings of ours together! Way better than when we saw that depressing movie at The Angelika about the guy in the nursing home!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! Love that huge sculpture Boy.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Holmes, EVERY time I see a movie with PS Hoffman, I think of that day at the Angelika! Last night included! :-)

Unknown said...

First of all, a teenager that enjoys museums??? I didn't know such a thing existed. Besides me, when I was a teenager anyway haha. Second of all, I love freaky art that makes you feel uncomfortable. Do you know how long this exhibit is going on?