Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update on mom....

Well, the good news is my mom is not having surgery.
But the bad news is that my mom is not having surgery.  

We found out from the surgeon that the location of the tumor involves her aorta......which means that surgery is NOT an option.  So our only course of action is a very aggressive regiment of chemo. This should shrink and hopefully kill the tumor, or at least it will STOP its growth. 

The good news is that he did diagnose her at Stage 3, which he said is not common. Most cases of pancreatic cancer are discovered when the patient is already at a stage 4, so hopefully this means that we have caught it in time.

As most doctors will tell you, pancreatic cancer is NOT the cancer you want to get..... but mom's doctor assured her that she has a better prognosis than about 85% of those with the same disease. So that is what we are hanging onto.

I am so appreciative of everyone's good thoughts and prayers. 
Those are the only things that will get us through this. 


ViVi said...

I'm concentrating on your Mom being
in the Positive 15 Per Cent Club.

Anonymous said...

I'm concentrating on the GOOD news and the better prognosis. Hugs.