Sunday, November 18, 2012

How did we survive?!

I grew up in the 70s.
I grew up in a time of riding my bike without a helmet.
I grew up in a time of riding in a car without seat belts.
I grew up in a time of playing outside AFTER dark.
And yes, I grew up in a time of metal Wonder Woman lunches boxes packed with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, those amazing chocolate cupcakes with the little swirly icing and yes, even TWINKIES!

Makes you wonder how I survived.... how WE survived! 

There is so much on Facebook and the web about the closing of the Hostess factories...all this judgment being issued about folks who eat things with such a lack of nutritional value and how YES Hostess SHOULD close. 

But I would like to just stop for a minute and remember. Remember fondly, in fact. 

Because although I may have had snacks in my lunch pail that were not the greatest thing to eat from a nutritional standpoint, I distinctly remember that I would come home from school and run and play outside until dark-thirty (as we call it in Texas) so I am pretty sure that in the end, my "activity points" WAAAAAY OUTWEIGHED my "food points"! 
So quit being so hateful and judgmental of the Hostess company. They were part of so many of our childhoods and I am pretty sure we all turned out just fine. (and for those that didn't, I am certain that Hostess is not to blame!)  :-)  

Simpler times.....
 I really do miss them. 

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HOLMES said...

The real tragedy is that I won't be able to make a coconut-marshmallow Sno-Ball bra anymore.