Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving Forward

After achieving the required 270 electoral votes, Barack Obama was declared the President of the United States for another four years. Personally, it was wonderful news to wake up to, but it's the upcoming days and weeks that I am most interested in. Our country knows who its leader is for the next four years and I believe that it is now the obligation of the American people to rally behind our leader and do all we can to make the UNITED states just that... UNITED. Red or Blue does not matter anymore (at least not for four more years). It's the RED, WHITE AND BLUE that matters because we are ONE. 

I love my job and in fact, I really like the people for whom I work. I felt that exact way in 2007 as well. I loved my job and the people for whom I worked and then those people left and someone moved into a leadership position with whom I was diametrically and philosophically opposed. But no matter how much I disagreed with him and his policies (which I honestly believed to be BAD for students) I had a job to do. My job and my mission did not change just because I was all of a sudden working for a person who wanted very different things than I did. 

The same thing goes for the American people. Some of you wanted a new "boss" for the next four years, but instead you got a person that you feel you are diametrically and philosophically opposed to. ....much like I felt in 2007.

But you know what? We still have a job to do and a mission to fulfill. We are Americans. So let's get busy working to make our country great again. There are good days ahead. I just know it.


H. Bratset said...

Yay! I too felt happy to wake up and know that President Obama has 4 more years. You are right, we, as a country need to just all pull together and get some stuff done in the coming 4 years. We have a lot to do, but we can do it, I have faith. :)

Anonymous said...

So true! Feelings seem to be running very high this year at election time. And with American society getting more and more polarized, it really is time to pull together and achieve a lot of greatness together!

Peter said...

"A Gallup poll released earlier this autumn showed that 96 percent of Danes would vote for President Obama over Republican candidate Mitt Romney."