Sunday, November 18, 2012

What gets you through the day??

Life is hard.
And if you live in Denmark, daily life is also dark and pretty wet.
So what gets you through? 
Do you sit under a lamp to get the vitamin D from which the Danish skies are depriving you?
Do you go jogging and let the rain hit you on the face (in a supposedly refreshing way!!)?
Do you curl up with a good book and just escape?

All of those are viable options which could help a person get through this everyday life.... 
but for me, the "cure" is a bit different. 

My cure comes on my iPhone in my (almost daily, thank the Lord!) receipt of videos from Jess. I get so excited when my What's App application tells me that a video is waiting for me to download it! I am like a little kid opening a Christmas present! 

These are not videos that Jess makes of Corrie doing something spectacular or worthy of being logged in the baby book. Rather, they are videos of her just BEING..... and they ABSOLUTELY MAKE MY DAY! And I play them over and over, just to memorize her movements and her expressions and to imprint them in my mind as I wait to see her and hold her in 32 more days..... 

So "Corrie and her momma videos" are what get me through the day.... Today, yesterday, the day before and I am quite certain MANY MORE DAYS in the future....


Kevin said...

Brings tears to my eyes. Good job, Jess! Thank the Lord that technology allows you to send those precious vids to your mom. Not sure how she can stand it to be so far away right now ;-( But soon she will be holding Corrie in her arms! Soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for modern technology. And what a joy and delight Corrie is!

Mrs G. said...

Life is too short! You can't miss this! She's your only daughter, and she's your only grandchild. These times are precious and if you can't be there for them now, while you have a chance, what happens when you really can't be there for them at all? You might remember a vid of a grandchild, but she would carry forever the soul memory of you being there to actually hold her. This post is heartbreakingly sad. To have to get through the day on a few seconds of film...your grandaughter needs you. I agree with Kevin, I am not sure how you can stand to be so far away, but whatever the reasons are, I hope you find a resolution soon.