Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fixin' to be in Texas....

I have been compiling a list of all the things that I want Mads to experience during his first official summer in Texas. 
(and yes, he WILL be living in Texas by summer although we are not quite ready to officially announce the move date just yet! Hang on a little longer!)

My list consists of things he has never experienced before even though he has been in Texas no less than a dozen times and already seen and done a LOT! 

1. Visiting the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin
2. Going to his first CRAWFISH BOIL
3. Going to the lake on a Sunday afternoon just to HANG OUT
4. Sitting on our back porch (ideally in our rocking chairs) as many evenings as possible just listening to the crickets chirp
5. Tubing on the Comal River
6. Going to a concert at Gruene Hall
7. Going to see "Texas" (the musical) in Palo Duro Canyon
8. Attending the Original Texas Ranch Round-Up

Then I have another list that has things that are not necessarily for summer 2013, but they are DEFINITELY on my list! 

9. Friday night football cheering for the local high school team (as many Friday nights as possible)
10. Experiencing his first A&M game at Kyle Field
11. First Monday in Canton (ideally at Christmastime)
12. Going to his first Chili Cook-off
13. Visiting the Johnson Space Center
14. Staying at a B&B in Fredericksburg 
15. Driving across the border to eat BBQ crabs in Starks, Louisiana like I used to do with MoMo Fontenot
16. Stopping along I-35 next spring to take pictures in the bluebonnets WITH CORRIE

And perhaps most importantly, experiencing Thanksgiving for the first time IN TEXAS. All of his Thanksgivings so far have been in Denmark, and I cannot wait for him to have the FULL experience that starts with the pie baking on Wednesday morning, and continues with the cornbread dressing preparation on Wednesday night, then the parade on Thursday morning, the MEAL with all of us gathered around the same table and Mads carving the turkey, the Cowboy game on Thursday afternoon, the LEFTOVERS, and then waking up for his first Black Friday ever. 

It's all gonna be amazing. 
And I cannot wait.


Skogkjerring said...

Felt a twinge of homesickness reading everything you guys will be the same time though, I´ve been gone so long that THIS is my home for now...but I´m REALLY excited for you and can´t wait to read all about how Mads adapts to life in Texas ;-) The Viking Cowboy and his sweet lady :-) So happy for you my friend!!!

Jono said...

Has Mads ever eaten corn on the cob?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - so many exciting moments to look forward to!

So, tell me - have you got jobs lined up and somewhere to live?

Anonymous said...

thanks for your blog, i hope you will continue to tell us about how the return goes. all the best.

Jan said...

Good list! On my "back home" list is watching the Fourth of July fireworks from a canoe/kayak on Lady Bird Lake in Austin.

Unknown said...

When y'all make it to Palo Duro Canyon to see "Texas" let me know. It may be the same time we are home for summer vacation, and we can try to get together