Friday, March 15, 2013

Just how hot is it?

Lots of my Danish friends have asked me about the Texas weather because even though they KNOW without a doubt that it is better than Danish weather, they don't really know just how hot it can really be in Texas....

But the first thing that has to be explained is that you cannot just ask about "Texas weather". Remember, our little state is the size of 1.5 Germanys so that means that the weather up north in Amarillo is totally different than the weather out west in El Paso and neither is anything like weather in my hometown of Nederland that sits in SE Texas at the intersection of Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. 

However I have never lived in places like Amarillo, Texas that actually have things like WINTER and SNOW, so I am much better-versed in the areas where I can tell you just HOW HOT it can get back home.
As a kid we tried (as all Texas kids have, I am sure) to actually fry an egg on the sidewalk.... and yeah, with the right amount of oil/butter, you can get some action going! But I saw this picture on the FB page for "You know you're a Texas when...." and thought this was a GREAT WAY to show you just HOW HOT IT CAN GET in the great state of Texas! 

Anybody in the mood for some homemade chocolate chip cookies?! 


Jan said...

I have never tried to bake cookies! :-) Enjoy the's snowing here!

Nina Ø said...

It is about 70F here in Northern California.