Friday, May 24, 2013

A few observations these first 2 weeks

Well, it has officially been two weeks since I walked through the Houston International Airport and saw this sign.....

Something inside of me jumped a little (even though I have seen this sign so many times over the last 5 years) because I knew that this time it was welcoming me HOME! 
I have seen a lot of interesting things in these first 2 weeks.... all that were reminders that I am DEFINITELY back in Texas!  Here is where I had lunch my first weekend in Texas... pretty typical little spot along a Texas highway! 

Take a look at Albert's new vet! "The Boonville Animal Hospital" in Bryan... a REAL country vet...the kind that sees just as many horses as he does dogs! They were AWESOME and loved Albert instantly! And he loved them!

I have actually only seen ONE of these (yes, that is a BIKER) and even though I have only seen one, I still find myself looking over my right shoulder every time I turn right....just in case! (And did I mention that the day I saw this guy biking, it was 93F?!) 

And speaking of hot temps, I had forgotten that so many of our public parks in Texas have water features for the kids! Such a cool thing on hot day! And speaking of COOL, my very COOL CATS are doing awesome in their new domain! It took Lebowski a little longer to acclimate, but they have both settled in great! 

I have already had plenty of REDNECK interactions & observations in these first 2 weeks....from the DUCK DYNASTY sunglass display at Wal-mart to this XL pick-up truck that was parked next to me at Best Buy. And yes, in case you were wondering, the guy driving this truck WAS WEARING CAMO!

But no matter what things I have seen during my first 2 weeks back in Texas, there is nothing quite as amazing as the number of times these faces have been a part of my first 14 days..... I would not trade it for ANYthing.


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Unknown said...

Wow, this really makes me miss home! Too bad I can't merge Texas and Denmark together, physically. Boy that would be a sight! I wonder how the Danes would react.