Sunday, October 6, 2013

One year ago.....

This week is a great week because it is exactly one year ago this week that a precious angel entered our lives and changed each of us forever. This same angel is the reason that today I live in Bryan, Texas, exactly 5 minutes from where she lives.

We celebrated Corrie's first birthday last weekend with a party that we threw for her and her cousin Adelynn (who was born less than 3 weeks before Corrie) and WOW... all I can say is that 1-year-old birthday parties have really evolved since I threw one two-and-a-half decades ago. The mommies did a fabulous job getting the girls all tutu-ed up and ready to party with the 50+ guests that came to celebrate their big day.

Corrie was pretty pumped about being Queen for the Day (mainly because on most days, she is "just" the princess around here!) Watching her meet and greet her guests was absolutely precious! She could not wait to hug on all of her BFFs!

Mommy & Daddy were pretty proud of their little angel. She was such a trouper all day long, playing along with all the things planned for her, including opening a truckload of gifts and through it all, she was happy! Just like she always is! 

She will officially be ONE on Friday! 
I feel so blessed that I was here for each and every moment of this big event. I cannot even fathom being 5000 miles away from this precious girl. 
She has truly changed my life. 
I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that in the midst of all the heartache and struggles I have experienced over the last 5 months, she is the spark that brings me joy
The kind of joy that you really cannot capture with mere words.
You just have to experience it.
You have to live it.
And because of this angel, I am living it a little bit every day.

Happy Birthday, Corrie Ann. 
MoMo loves you.

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Unknown said...

SO happy for you Kell! - I follow on FB so I know y'all are doing well! <3